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Rip Dogs

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Rip Dogs are precision bench dogs designed to be used with Festool’s MFT/3 (Multi-Function Table), the TS55/TS75 track saw and one of the guide rails (tracks). The system consists of:

  • The Guide Dogs – which are dogs with 12.7mm pins extending 50mm from a 24mm diameter boss 6mm high.
  • The Rip Dogs – more typical precision bench dogs with 8mm tapped center bores and a 24mm boss 6mm high.
  • The Guide Clips – which attach to the guide rail and secures it to the Guide Dogs (slipping over the guide pins) while cutting with the saw.
  • The Guide Fence Adapter- a simple bracket that adapts the stock guide fence from the Festool MFT/3 to the Guide Dogs.
  • M8 Thumb Screws/Washers - used to secure the Guide Dogs to the Festool MFT/3. (Not needed if you already have the knobs from the Festool clamping elements)

The Rip Dogs system takes advantage of the precision CNC cut grid of 20mm holes on 96mm centers. The precise pattern of holes allows users to align the material being cut (normally plywood or dimensional lumber) with the Festool guide rail. The most typical uses are 90 degree cuts, but a 45 degree alignment is simple as well, and other angles can be set using the Festool guide fence and the Guide Fence Adapter.

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